Annual Receipting FAQ

Q: How do I do my annual receipting in Micharity?

A: We have created a video on how to access the annual receipting tool and how to use it. Please click the play button below to watch it.

Q: Does the annual receipt tool include receipts for gifts with advantage/ gifts in kind?

A: Yes the annual receipt tool will include these types of receipts. Be sure you have completed your year-end reconciliation and classified these donations correctly individually.

Q: Should I do my reconciliation first or is this built into the receipting tool?

A: Be sure to complete and close your year-end reconciliation before you start your receipting process. This is to make sure all of the donations that were supposed to be receipted are in fact categorized correctly.

Included with your generated receipts will be a list of all of the transactions receipted in a spreadsheet along with the PDF files for you to review when you request a zip file (As opposed to a request where you email out your receipts). 
The spreadsheet includes all of the donor's main profile details, contact id, email, mailing addresses and donation details. This spreadsheet will allow you to see if a donor is missing an email address, has an incorrect mailing address or donation. 

Q: What happens if I create the report and then in the review section I see something wrong. Can I go back into the Micharity database section, fix it and then recreate the report. 

A: Yes, if something is wrong/missing you are able to make adjustments in the Micharity CRM database and then rerun the receipts in the annual tax receipt builder.

But it is key that all the reconciliations for the year are completed before issuing the annual tax receipts.

Q: Should I use the annual receipt builder if I have been issuing receipts throughout the year?

A: You certainly can but you are not obligated to. 

What is being issued by the annual receipt builder is a summary of donations made throughout the year by the donor and not necessarily a brand new receipt. What this means is if a donor has lost one or more of their receipts, they will have all the information from those original receipts to write them off on their taxes. 

If a donor never received their receipts the annual receipt will give them the information they need to claim their donations on their taxes. 

We generally recommend always issuing the annual receipt to minimize the number of donors asking for you to resend lost receipts.

Q: I have requested a zip folder and requested the system email out receipts. What are my next steps?

After using the tool, you would have 2 options to access your download folder:
(1) You can click on the blue "VIEW" button that appears on the success banner after you run the report, or
(2) You can go back to the "Receipts Requests" grid. After this, you can either click on the latest request ID to view the details and download a zip folder, or simply download the folder directly from the "Receipts Requests" by clicking on the download button beside the corresponding request ID from within the gird itself.

*Only applicable to organizations with existing memberships and members

Q: How do I use the annual receipt builder tool if I want to send a separate letter and receipt to members?

A: On the first page of the annual receipt builder you are able to choose between any combination of issuing receipts for one-time donations, recurring donations and membership payments. If you want to issue membership receipts separately (which allows you to send a separate letter) then just select memberships in this section when you are using the tool.