The Gift Proposal Tool

The gift proposal tool is meant to help you keep track of solicitations you and your team have made to donors for large gifts. It can also be used to track grants not found in our funding portal.

The following article will outline how and when to use this tool.

You can access Gift Proposal under the solicitation tools header.

Select add gift proposal to create your first proposal record

Next, search for the contact you will be making the proposal to, or, create the contact by selecting the add new individual contact button. Enter the campaign the donation will be used toward if it is received, enter the solicitor who is making the proposal, enter the stage of the proposal you are in, rate the funder's inclination to give and set a deadline for your proposal.

Next, enter the amount you are asking for and the date of your ask.

You can see all of your proposals on the proposal page, here you can see at a glance which proposals have been funded and which are still pending.