Campaigns General Settings

Managing Funds, Subfunds and Appeals

To see new options when editing campaign allocations you will need to create those options.  To create new appeals, funds and subfunds you should go to Campaigns on the Nav Bar, then select the button to the right of "Add Campaign"

Selecting this will allow you to select "Settings" which will take you to the page below.

From here you can select "Add New Fund" or "Add New Appeal"

Ensure you enter the status as "Active" when creating either a new fund or appeal so that you will see it as an option when editing your campaign options.

You can also add a subfund, which will always appear as an option under the selected fund. To do this, hover over an existing fund and select the "+" button as in the image below.

Now you can enter a title and select save. This will allow you to select from the entered list of subfunds under the fund when it is saved on a campaign.

*note, if you are entering these funds onto a campaign with an associated donation form saved on your website, these options will show up on that existing donation form.  To hide these options please contact our support team.