Tax Receipt Settings

Micharity can be customized to behave the way you want it to for your tax receipt generation and sending.  You will need to set the correct settings for this to be the case. Please watch the video below for a first look at tax receipt settings.

Pretty cool huh?

So campaigns can be set to generate and issue tax receipts automatically, or they can be set to not generate receipts at all!

You also have the ability to customize your thank you letter per campaign, please watch the video below for details on how to do that.

So now maybe you are saying, "I only have one thank you letter, I don't want to have to enter my thank you letter in each campaign". Worry not, we have a setting for that as well.  In the settings tab, you can create a thank you letter template that will be added whenever you create a new campaign in the system.  Changing this template will not change your existing thank you letters, just the ones on newly created campaigns. Please watch the video below for more details.

Please note this section is only accessible to admin level users.

NOTE: since the creation of this video we have added the ability to add a signature to your thank you letter. It is the far-right option in the thank you letter editor and it will load the signature from your organization profile into your letter,

Finally, If your organization does need to generate receipts, but you do not want to automatically email them ever, we can help you facilitate that.  You can find the setting in "Settings > General Settings > Global Receipting and Acknowledgement" If this setting is set to "Yes", then campaigns will be able to be set up to automatically issue receipts by email.  If this setting is set to "No" then campaigns will be able to be set up to generate tax receipts but they will never be able to be set up to automatically email tax receipts.