How to add a donation

Adding donations fundamentally involves saving a gift into your system.  Donations must be linked to a contact in your CRM, they can be an individual or an organization.  Depending on your requirements, some parts of adding a donation may not be relevant to you.  Below, you can find several videos explaining all of the different parts of the donation form in your system.  Please refer to the ones relevant to your needs.

Where to add donations

This video explains how to get to the add donation form within the Micharity system.

How to process a credit card

This video explains how to process a credit card gift in the system

Attributing a donation to a contact

The following video explains how to attribute a donation to a contact.  You can also search for contacts by Email, or Phone Number.  Please note that when searching, you can only search by one field at a time (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number)

Gift Types: Gifts with Advantage, Non-Cash Gifts

When receiving a gift where the donor receives an advantage, or receiving a gift in kind, we need to enter different fields.  We can use the "Gift Type" dropdown to select the correct type of gift.

Gifts with advantage are gifts where the donor makes a donation, they receive a tax receipt and something else of value in return for a part of their donation.  It can also be referred to as a partially receipted gift. Gifts with Advantage can be entered according to the instructions in the video below

Non Cash Gifts are gifts received that are not cash.  An example is a donation of a car.  When entering this type of gift we will need to refer again to the "Gift Type" dropdown and select one of the non-cash gift options.  Refer to the video below for a demonstration.

Payment Types and Details

When entering a donation, you may sometimes need to enter different sorts of payment types.  To do this, refer to the section of the donation form labelled "Payment".  You can enter donations that were paid in: Securities, Gift Cards, and many others.  To see more, select the dropdown labelled "Payment Types".

The Reference Number field is an open text field, meaning you can enter anything you need in this field.  We see it most often used to track a payment ID like a cheque number or a transaction number but it can be used to keep track of batches of payments as well.

Received date will allow you to pre or post date a payment.  This can be valuable for donations received late in a calendar year that you do not have the ability to track before year end.  The received date is printed on your system generated tax receipts.

Deposited date is a field that you can use to keep track of batches.  If you have a regular deposit schedule for offline payments, this field can be used to organize when payments will be deposited.

Allocating donations (Designations)

Allocating donations refers to designating where or how donations should be used.  Please watch the video below to learn more.  To learn how to set up your allocations, please refer to the articles in the campaigns category in our support documentation.

Adding Tribute details to a donation (Honorariums and Memoriums) (Outdated)

Adding tribute details to a donation involves associating a secondary contact or name with a donation.  Refer to the video below for a brief tutorial.

Adding donations from a contact profile

If you made it all the way down here, congratulations! Here is a little trick we've added to the system for our power users like you to speed up adding donations.